Typing, In Style

Blog / Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

A lot of things have happened since I’ve come home and I’d have to write a whole book to even break the surface of it all. Fortunately, I’ve bought a few things to help me do just that.

Look at the top left corner of this website. You see that wonderful gray on gray image of a typewriter? That’s a Smith-Corona Galaxie Deluxe and I wrote about how I wanted one here. The sad news is, however, I didn’t get one.

Instead I got the Smith-Corona Galaxie 12. Take a gander:

20121203_105238.jpgIsn’t she a beauty? I certainly think so. She writes like a charm too. The only problem is, she isn’t converted into a USB keyboard. Yet. I ordered the conversion kit the other day and now I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival. Knowing my luck, it will arrive during the holidays while everyone is here and I’ll want to put it together and start churning out the pages but out of courtesy, I won’t. The good news is that I’ll be writing again soon. And then editing because the typewriter provides me with a hard copy to edit. Win. Win. Win.

Striking the same key, my mom bequeathed unto me her old typewriter:

20121217_220236.jpgInsert some sort of joke implying that this was the typewriter she learned on. But I wouldn’t do that because, knowing my mother, she would un-bequeath it to me.




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