Extra space

Peace Corps / Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

I guess it’s crunch time. I have a little over two days left in Wisconsin and it’s finally starting to set in.

For me, the whole packing up my life process is coming together in a magical dance. Things are happening, but to be honest I’m not really sure how. Don’t think I’m having other people do this for me, I’m not (though my parents are helping here and there). My parents helped me with financial matters (nothing makes you feel grown up like having money tied up in a CD). They also keep me fed and my head grounded as I scramble to get things done.

I amassed all of the must haves a few weeks back into a small pile in the corner of my room. I left it there until after my going away party so I had one less thing to think about for a while. But I kept staring at it. I kept thinking, ‘Look at all that stuff. How’s all of that going to fit into two suitcases and a¬†carry-on?’ Apparently I have no sense when it comes to packing. Not only did all of it fit into my luggage limitations, I have almost an entirely empty suitcase and carry-on (I think it all could fit in a single suitcase if I try–I might tomorrow). I should also mention that I’m carrying an extra sleeping bag for Amanda and it still fits in one suitcase.

From what I’m gathering, I’m one of the rare few who has so much extra space. Tammela informed us that she’ll be wearing her winter clothes through staging and the flight into Ukraine because she doesn’t have enough room to fit her things. I’ll take pictures if I can.

Maybe I don’t think I need as much stuff as everyone else does. Maybe I’ll be in panic mode in a few weeks when I realize that I can’t easily buy everything like I can here. Maybe my philosophy of, ‘Just go with it,’ is too lax. Maybe not.

I’m looking around my room as I type this and I see some things scattered here and scattered over there that I still need to pack. I’ve got a feeling that they’re going to add up. I won’t be able to fill my second suitcase with 50lbs of peanut butter as I hoped (history shows that I am capable of eating at least half of that while away).

Whatever the outcome of my packing–be it over or under, too little or too much–I’ll survive. If I don’t, well, learn from my mistakes.

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