Waiting for Mohammed

Peace Corps / Saturday, March 20th, 2010

In preparation for the Peace Corps, I was asked to start tutoring ESL students. The guidelines I was given for this were very broad. I need to have 30 hours logged before I am able to leave.

That being said, I am sitting in a coffee shop hoping that Mohammed has a chance to show up. Mohammed is my English conversation partner. He is a student from Saudi Arabia and wants to work on his English so he can get along easier in America. I haven’t met him yet, but i am looking forward to the tutoring.

Either way, I am sitting in a coffee shop right now and that isn’t something I usually do. There is too much going on for me to concentrate on my homework. So I mostly have been eaves dropping. I like eavesdropping.

Next to me there are two people. At first I thought that they were a boyfriend/girlfriend pair but after listening for a bit I can tell that they aren’t. The guy looks like an immature, wannabe punk rocker. He is dressed in a red and blue striped shirt, skinny jeans and his ear is gauged. He just got up to have his second coffee. The screen on his Mac is cracked and bleeding. The only thing that doesn’t fit about his character is the briefcase next to him.

The girl is dressed with a contrasting style, something out of Southern California. Maybe it’s the giant belt around her stomach and the giant sunglasses on her head. It isn’t sunny today.

By listening to their conversation, I think she is a financial planner or a personal assistant. It’s amusing listening to her demand every detail about how he spends his money. Apparently he is in debt.

I think my favorite part was when she told him that he had to check in with her every day so she knows that he isn’t dead.

My question is, how does this kid have money to pay for a personal assistant/financial planner when she knows that he is broke?

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  1. I would agree with your last concern – the content aware feature is pretty neat, but where will this lead photography in the future? When will a photograph stop being the real image and become a work of the computer? Also, that shadow in the first picture where the cleaned up the trash and took out the tree was not done well. It was there the whole time and really annoyed me. Did you notice this too??

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