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Computers, Peace Corps / Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

My apologies, I just realized that I didn’t update the comic last night. I was in the homework mode until I went to bed. I will try to get one up tonight.

To answer the question, “How did your interview go?” It went, okay. However, I find it hard to judge because I think I answered the questions well, but because the guy interviewing my was bad at conducting interviews I couldn’t tell. When I say he was bad at conducting the interviews I mean he didn’t engage me in conversation. He just read the questions off of his computer. Since I wasn’t engaged in conversation, I wasn’t comfortable. To be fair about it though, I might not have given him anything to converse about. But usually I can tell if an interview goes well. This one I couldn’t.

Anyway, I should know in about a month whether or not I am nominated for a position. To be nominated means you are in the system and they will try to find a country to host you. Again, I will let you know when I know more.

I have found some work in the meantime. A friend of mine dropped my name to do a website design. I have been emailing back and forth with the potential client. What he is asking is definitely something I can do and it looks like we are going to move forward with the project. I also recruited one of my roommates to do the design aspects of the project. I will have some things to do upon graduating.

Feel free to put my name out there if you know anyone who needs website design done.

One last bit of news, though this is still not set in stone. I might have full time employment for the summer at the very least. And pending whether or not I am nominated into the Peace Corps, I could have a full time job after the summer too. Recently the Undergraduate Coordinator for the Anthropology Department was hired and then quit. Word got around that I was graduating in May and would be in need of a job. I was asked if I would apply for the job. If I applied, strings would be pulled in order to get me the job. It’s exciting because a big fear seems to be what to do after you graduate. I might know.

Hopefully I will find out later today when I go into work. Again, I will keep you updated.

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