Musings on an English Degree

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Father’s Day

My mom took this photo of my dad and me on Thanksgiving, right after I had gotten home from Peace Corps. It’s special because it’s one of the very few photos I know of where my dad is smiling. For holidays and birthdays, buying gifts for my dad is a really hard thing to do. […]

Extreme Measures Pay Off

I’m happy to report that it’s 3:30pm and I only just turned on my computer today. I woke up thinking that I’m going to write a certain amount before I’m allowed to open this Pandora’s box of procrastination. I set my goal at 10 pages or ~4,000 words. It took some time, as it should, […]


I do this thing where I only update my profile pictures on social networking sites once a year, if at all. I find it helps people associate my face with, well, me. It also makes my life easier because I’m not constantly thinking that I have a better picture that I could post of myself. […]