Extreme Measures Pay Off

Blog / Thursday, June 28th, 2012

I’m happy to report that it’s 3:30pm and I only just turned on my computer today. I woke up thinking that I’m going to write a certain amount before I’m allowed to open this Pandora’s box of procrastination. I set my goal at 10 pages or ~4,000 words. It took some time, as it should, but I finally made it. I’m going to try it again tomorrow, or at least soon. It’s nice not being glued to this box all day.

Anyway, if you follow my Twitter, @dzawacki (which I understand if you don’t because I don’t update it as much as some people and not nearly as much as I used to update), you’ll know I was still online this morning. Thank you Kindle for providing me with the essentials of internet access. You’re the reason I was productive today. No joke.

Well, when I booted up my computer and checked my site stats for this website, I utters a long, drawn out expletive. I saw this:


It was a surprise because I’ve never had traffic like that on my website before. That’s more than an average week. Granted, I looked into the traffic sources and determined that it mostly came from a single reader. But it was still a pleasant surprise and a treat after writing all midday.

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