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Rehabbing the Nighthawk

Motorcycles are a blessing and a curse for me. A blessing because the allow me to feel free. I can open the throttle and feel the wind all around me. I can see the ground racing past me. Death and life surround me while I’m on my bike. It’s thrilling and I wouldn’t trade the […]


June 9th was the three year anniversary of my longest running relationship. I fell in love with her freshman year of college. I saw her most everyday. She was always in the same spot, outside of Liz Waters, just sitting. I remember telling people that I was going to make her mine. I doubt they […]

Nearing Spring

Once again it is that time of the semester when all the work starts piling up. I have a presentation tomorrow, a paper due Thursday, another one coming up soon and finally an exam in a week or two. Don’t bother me none. The heat is still not on in our apartment. I really don’t […]