Motorcycles / Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

June 9th was the three year anniversary of my longest running relationship.

I fell in love with her freshman year of college. I saw her most everyday. She was always in the same spot, outside of Liz Waters, just sitting. I remember telling people that I was going to make her mine. I doubt they believed me, and who would? I had no experience in that kind of thing.

But sure enough, less than a month after school got out, I took her home to meet my parents. They worried. When I was with her, I had a tendency to be a little more reckless. I took her to see all of my friends that summer; we enjoyed the hot Wisconsin sun on the trips together. None of them ever expressed it, but I have a feeling that deep down they were jealous of me and what I had.

Nearly everyday that summer, and the next, she waited for me to get done with work and we would go home together. She never complained or gave me grief if I had to work late.

She came to school with me in the fall. I’ll admit that I didn’t like the fact that I had to neglect her at school, but I was much busier then than over the summer breaks.

We had rough patches. I remember one time when we both fell together. It was rough for us physically, but emotionally it brought the two of us closer together. We walked away with a few scrapes. There were times when she’d get knocked down but I was there to pick her back up again and defend her if the situation called for it. And she did the same for me. She took my mind off the problems.

I spoiled her. I really did. I did more for her than I think was healthy. But I knew it kept her looking good, and by default it made me look good.

Then I started seeing other ladies. They were much older than her, but they never replaced her. She was always more reliable. Our relationship continued despite my infidelities. I’ll even argue that it made it stronger. I saw the things that I could only get from her.

She didn’t mind, at least she didn’t say anything. She was even fine coming with me to buy things to keep the others looking good.

For our three year anniversary, we spent time together and went to see my parents. It was relaxing and the right kind of thing for the two of us to do to celebrate the occasion.

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