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Two Years In

Today, I’m finishing up the first two years at my job. What a wild two years it has been. When I started, there were just three of us working full-time out of my boss’s condo. Everyone did a bit of this and a bit of that, and we mostly hobbled by. Then, we started brining on more staff. Someone to do this or that, some part-time and some full-time. And we grew, and grew. We built too, new products which were meant to change the Continue reading →

Parents’ 31st Anniversary

I’m running a little late on this, but today is my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary! And I know that these days that kind of number seems to be less and less common so really, they must be doing something right and if you get a chance, bug them about it and try to figure out how they’ve kept a great marriage for so long. Even though I’ll probably get some flack for this, I’m still going to post some great pictures of them over the Continue reading →

Arizona Vacation

I’m really kind of late on this but last month Ellie and I took a vacation to celebrate her graduating, my ability to take a vacation, and our one year anniversary. It couldn’t have been timed better either because Wisconsin had just taken a hit of -20 degree weather and we needed to warm up. Warm up we did in Arizona. A while ago, I had read about airbnb and thought it was a neat concept but didn’t really see myself with an opportunity to Continue reading →

Two Years In

As of today, September 17, 2012, it has been exactly two years since I left Wisconsin for the Peace Corps. Granted, I didn’t actually arrive in Ukraine until September 22, 2010 due to problems with visas at the embassy. Also, it’s been a year since I last visited home. Time has flown.

Peace Corps 50th

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps. This year is also the 20th anniversary of Peace Corps being active in Ukraine. One of my site mates, Jeramie, came up with the idea that we all change our profile pictures on the social networks for the month of March to recognize the event. She asked me to create some images to be used. I ask that you change your profile pictures so we can spread the word about the Peace Corps anniversary and celebrations. Here are the Continue reading →


June 9th was the three year anniversary of my longest running relationship. I fell in love with her freshman year of college. I saw her most everyday. She was always in the same spot, outside of Liz Waters, just sitting. I remember telling people that I was going to make her mine. I doubt they believed me, and who would? I had no experience in that kind of thing. But sure enough, less than a month after school got out, I took her home to Continue reading →