Musings on an English Degree

Category: Fiction

Flash Fiction

My father was the first person to hand me and my brother a beer. We were only fourteen and fifteen when he did. He said to us, ‘Boys, you’re going to drink sometime. I guess it is best that I am here to watch you so you don’t do nothing stupid.’ On my 21st birthday […]

3rd Person Limited Narrative – Chair Shopping

She had wanted a new chair for some time. The chair that they had needed to be replaced, it was worn through in places and there were stains that would never come out. Plus, the old one doesn’t fit with the new decor in the room and there is no other place in the house […]

Character Sketch – Writer

He wore a watch. He always needed to know the time, though he never had any particular place to be. If he had some place to go, he’s positive that he wouldn’t be late. Today, a glance at his watch made the fedora that rested lightly upon his head move from its habitual place. He […]

Charles Wright

May the Angels lead thee into Paradise; may the Martyrs receive thee at thy coming and take thee to Jerusalem, the holy city. May the choirs of the Angels receive thee, and mayest thou with once poor Lazarus, have rest everlasting. Amen. The grass still had dew upon it, the sun hadn’t risen enough to […]

An Exquisite Corpse

There was a sparkle in the eye of the dark haired man, as he watched from the last row. He laughed to himself quietly. It was done, he told himself; it was all over with and no one would ever guess he had done it. He walked away from the bank just as everyone else […]

Amber Glow

As I look around I see boxes everywhere. Clothes are spilling out of suitcases and slowly making their way into dresser drawers, seemingly by themselves. Cables are sitting in a tangled mess on the floor after someone attempted to remove the one they needed and apparently failed. Computers have been placed onto separate desks and […]