Musings on an English Degree

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Intro to Parenting

Richard and Laura had been married for three years. Their life was enjoyable; Richard worked at law firm downtown as an accountant and Laura waited tables at the diner four blocks from their home. The house they lived in wasn’t large, nor was it small; it was a ranch with two bedrooms and one bath […]

Ben Nadler, Madison West High

His hand runs through his hair As if to show his own dismay, As if to be frustrated. And it might be that he doesn’t Know what to do with it. Short sleeved and a collar, Black with red. Worn, faded and out of focus. Set upon by a tie, Blue floral print, Once wallpaper. […]

Kitty Tina

She pounces back and forth as though she is made with a spring Her fur is soft, short, black and white At one end is a tail which twitches Back and forth as she gets ready To attack Her prey, invisible. She herself is certainly not invisible; Much more tangible like green grass in Spring, […]


In front of him wrapped around the black leather wheel sits his hand, Turning the wheel, bringing the right hand down to the shifter, pushing the button and thrusting it forward. The beach was full of college students much the same way a retirement home was full of old people. Are you going to avoid […]

Meal Time

A food court filled with freshmen, The racks of stainless steel pots and pans stand taller than a cold iron mountain. Mystery abounds: the lines grow and shrink at random. Are the cookies cooked today? Grabbing a warm, wet tray, I begin my journey. I glance at the sandwich bar full of white meats and […]

Columbian Cheveche vs. Wily Weasel

Columbian cheveche creates conflict At the zenith of flight Muscle meat taught against tendons Beneath, a beach on which, a weasel Greedily grabs for fishy food. The dark-crowned screech owl swoops Dropping down, daring the weasel to run. Struck aghast, slay of weasel on its way? Amber owl above brings carnage Talons making ready to […]

Twisted Reason She Killed Caylee

Her sleep was interrupted by Caylee. Her meals were interrupted by Caylee. Her grooming was interrupted by Caylee. But she didn’t mind Caylee. No, it was wrong to say that she didn’t mind her. It would be more accurate to say that she minder her a lot because of these things, but since she was […]

Private Interview

“Why did you do it John?” “Why did I do what? Why did I try to change the nation? Is that why you are here?” “You know why I am here. And yes, that includes wanting to know why you tried to change the nation. I want to know why you took that upon yourself, […]

1st person narratives of same event

Part 1 – It happened when I was little; I must have been five or six years old at the time. I remember it being warm out, the end of May. It was a nice day outside, the sun with a bright blue sky behind it with a scattering of white fluffy clouds. My mother […]

Norman Agate

“If you will just sign here and the loan for your museum is yours.” “How about that? Just need to write the eleven letters that make up Norman Agate?” Norman replied, wiping the mucus from his nose. “Now I will finally be able to break ground on the future home of Steve and all of […]