Tech Tips – Duolingo

Tech Tips / Friday, September 21st, 2012

During training, a line from the great Dos Equis advertisements played over and over in my head, “He speaks French, in Russian.” I had studied French in high school and college and every time I wanted to speak in a foreign language, I’d speak in French when I should have spoken Russian. My LCF hated it. But now that it’s been two years since training began, I think it’s time I can start studying French again. I’ve come across a great website which teaches you a new language (currently only Spanish, French, and German) while you translate the internet. It’s called Duolingo ( and it’s completely free. For those of you who have worked with Rosetta Stone before, it’s a similar setup.

If you’re brave enough to learn another foreign language, or want to refresh your knowledge of an old one for your return to America, I highly recommend Duolingo. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to speak French in Russian (or is it luckier to not be able to do this?).

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