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Tech Tips – Spring Cleaning Disk Defrag

In continuing with our computer Spring cleaning started last week, I want to offer another suggestion to speed things up now that you have more hard drive space. This week, we’re going to defrag our hard drives. Doesn’t that sound like fun? We’ve talked about this before, but it’s always a good time for a refresher. Defragging rearranges files on your computer to optimize the time it takes to find a file by compacting them into a small space on the disk (the farther the Continue reading →

Tech Tips – Spring Disk Cleaning

It’s finally nice outside, nice enough to open the windows and motivate ourselves to do a bit of Spring cleaning. I, personally, have done a fair bit of cleaning in the past week (though I have yet to tackle that chunk of kielbasa that’s been hardening and dripping grease in the back corner of my fridge). But while we’re busy in the physical world cleaning things up, let me suggest you use the time away from your computer to clean it up a bit and Continue reading →

Phat Money

I forgot to take a picture, but today I was walking around with 9,300 UAH (~$1,162.50). I emptied out the ATM to get this much. I needed to give Yulia the money so she could pay for our first shipment of books while she’s in Kiev this week. I had ~15 200UAH bills, ~25 100UAH bills, 60 50UAH bills and then whatever is left made up of 20UAH bills. I wanted to throw it all in the air and take pictures as it floated down Continue reading →

Varying Mentality

Maybe I’m off my rocker, but students in Ukraine today tend to have a different mindset about school than I did when I was their age (cue fade into flashback). I had a thought-provoking chat with one of the teachers at school today after our class decided they could collectively show up ten minutes late to class. I was quite furious with this partly because I was sitting in the classroom waiting for them (they’re notoriously late to English classes and their classroom where they Continue reading →

Why Today was Oddly Awesome

So I’m sure I’ve made it clear, but to reiterate, I’m a big Song of Ice and Fire series fan. So naturally, when I heard two girls in the 8th form saying things like “Winter is coming” and “Family, Duty, Honor”, I perked up. Turns out, the two girls are in the middle of reading the second book (A Clash of Kings). They started watching A Game of Thrones but didn’t like it, partly because it didn’t sync up with the book enough and partly because Continue reading →

11th Form Ladies

Here’s a great picture of me with some of the 11th Form girls in the foreign languages department. They’re wearing the traditional school uniform (though most are missing the very poofy white hair ties, even the ones in the photo aren’t poofy enough) because they were getting their picture taken for official class photos. I happened to be in the library while they were taking photos for fun and they asked to take a few with me.


I do this thing where I only update my profile pictures on social networking sites once a year, if at all. I find it helps people associate my face with, well, me. It also makes my life easier because I’m not constantly thinking that I have a better picture that I could post of myself. It also gives me an excuse to not take part in the “Change your profile to this for exactly 43 minutes for this cause” things that people do. Those bother Continue reading →

Tech Tips – Google Fight

This week we have a guest submission for your Tech Tip. It comes from Katherine Axelsen (Group 42). She directed me to a website,, and suggested some great uses for it. The site is simple to use, enter two words, terms, or phrases and it will tell you which one garners more hits on Google. The thought is that the more popular a word or phrase is, the more likely it is to being correct when used in speech. So, consider your students who Continue reading →