Tech Tips – Google Fight

Tech Tips / Thursday, March 15th, 2012

This week we have a guest submission for your Tech Tip. It comes from Katherine Axelsen (Group 42). She directed me to a website,, and suggested some great uses for it.

The site is simple to use, enter two words, terms, or phrases and it will tell you which one garners more hits on Google. The thought is that the more popular a word or phrase is, the more likely it is to being correct when used in speech.

So, consider your students who might be struggling with the mixed up versions of British English, American English, and Ukrainian English. Take, such as, “teach me” and “learn me” which is a common mix up for some of my students. I can now direct them to Google Fight to check for the right answer. Maybe the animation of two stick figures will help them remember which one to use next time.

Protip: If you’re searching for something containing more than one word, make sure to put it in quotes, as it will give you a more accurate sample of the phrase being used.

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