Blog, Motorcycles, Peace Corps / Monday, May 17th, 2010

First softball game of the season was yesterday. We won. I came home with a decent cut from sliding into second.

The girlfriend is home for the summer, and currently on an island with very limited communication.

I worked on the Kawasaki this past weekend and it’s made some progress, but I’m still worried about getting it running well enough to ride it to someone who can work on it. I want to take it on a road trip this summer to visit girlfriend. I’ve been pricing plane tickets as a backup.

I don’t feel like I’m done with school yet. I technically graduated yesterday even though I didn’t walk. I have a feeling that it really won’t set in until September when my friends head back to class and I don’t, or when I get a full time job.

I’ve been looking for jobs, at least to have something until I leave for the Peace Corps. Hopefully today or tomorrow I’ll hear back about an internship I interviewed for.

I have sent in my medical information for the Peace Corps today. It looks like I’m just waiting to hear back from them now.

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