What’s your policy for PTO? I mean, what do you expect when you take a day off of work? Does anyone still in the office expect you to be reachable? Are you expected to work? I’m taking tomorrow off for a personal errand. I’ve told people I’ll have my phone on me, but I’m not taking calls. To me, letting them know I’ll have my phone is me being more than generous. When I take a day off, I expect a day off. Deal with Continue reading →

Gym membership

Here’s what I want, a gym membership I can pay for on a month to month basis, and it doesn’t cost extra for doing so. Ellie and I just got out of our membership to a gym because we stopped going because it was on the other side of town. The co react we signed with them said we needed to move at least 20 miles from the nearest branch to get out of it. We didn’t. I used one of my health insurance bills Continue reading →


I cannot sit through long meetings. Over an hour, you’re pushing it. Two hours? I’m entirely useless for the rest of the day. So when a co-worker proposed a four hour all staff meeting, I spoke my mind. Every December we have a slew of planning and budgetary meetings for the following year. We plan them all to coincide with when our one out of office employee comes into town for a few days. A dozen meetings in a few days is a nightmare. They’re Continue reading →


I share a desk with a mansplainer. And a manspreader. He is a condescending male in his twenties and has an antiquated view on the world as well as a condescending way of dealing with people. I have worked with him for almost a year and a half and my opinion of him has only deteriorated. He interrupts and talks over people. His voice is the loudest in the room and his laugh is a harsh boom. When someone visited our office and asked him Continue reading →


In the past few years, 95% of all stress in my life has been caused by money, or a lack there of. That’s just an estimate, but I’d assume it’s right on the money. Ever since I struck out on my own, getting money hasn’t been hard, and I’ve never been out of a job. However, having the money I want for more than the necessities has been hard to come by. I’m a hard worker and I do my jobs well. I go above Continue reading →

A Bad Employee?

Am I a bad employee? Today, I heard through a co-worker, who was reprimanded that the two of us talk too much. Is that a bad thing? But seriously, is it a bad thing that I have time to talk to a co-worker while at work who also has time to talk? Am I expected to be working every possible minute of the day? If I am, this is not the place for me to work. That’s not how I work best. I sprint to Continue reading →

The Crown Molding

We have a mold problem. We discovered it a few weeks ago, right after the election. Ellie was spraying some spots high up on the walls in the bedroom when she saw some more near the base boards. She moved the¬†furniture and let out a groan of, “oh no!” when she saw how much was there. I came in to inspect and more or less just help her find it all. It covered the lower half of two walls and had crept into our closet. Continue reading →

Rarely on Time

This bus is never on time. Not once. Okay, I have only taken it sporadically in the past year but it seems a coincidence that each of those times, it happened to be late. There was that one time it was late and then decided it didn’t need to stop at a scheduled bus stop. That was cool. I ended up chasing it a block and only caught it because of a stoplight. No apologies for it either. I leave work at 5:02 PM to Continue reading →