September 3, 2016

I got married. To the best woman I’ll ever meet. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I got married. I got married. I got married. I cannot say it enough. To be fair, not a lot has changed in our day-to-day. It’s what we wanted and it still feels more special.


I think I want to turn this blog into a gardening blog. I have so many cool things, in terms of gardening, I think it would be fun to share them. For example, how many people do you know who have one of these growing? If you’re not aware, that’s tobacco. It’s my cash crop growing on the patio of my apartment. So yeah, I’m going to blog about gardening.

Burning Out

I’ve been away for a while and for some reason I’ve been okay with that thought. It lingered at the back of my mind the whole time like, “I haven’t blogged in a while and I really, really should put something up,” but there never was just enough pull to get me away from the other things in my life. Part of me wonders if blogging was a phase in my life, a really long phase, that I’ve moved past now for some reason or Continue reading →

Warby Parker Frame Selection

So it’s been a few years since I was in Spain and went out for drinks and got back to the hostel and locked my glasses in the storage locker. When I woke up, I found them broken. I think the ear piece must have gotten stuck in the hinge of the door. Really, I don’t know how else they’d get broken in a hostel locker. When I got back to Ukraine after my Spanish trip, I went through the motions of getting new glasses Continue reading →

Fixing the Beacon Coronet Fixie

On my bike ride into work each day, there’s this corner where I cut through a parking lot. It’s easier to swing the corner this way because it is at the bottom of the hill and I pick up too much speed to slow down comfortably and I don’t want to fly out into traffic since it’s a very busy road. So the parking lot shortcut it is. But, unlike the slope down to the corner, this shortcut actually has a bit of an incline. Continue reading →

Gushing about my new job

Guys, I’m loving my new job. I started at the end of February this year and it is exactly what I imagined it to be, and then even a little more. Since it’s been a while, I now work at as the Magazine Editor and Copy Editor. As I mentioned above, it’s exactly what I wanted it to be. It’s on the career path I wanted to explore. It’s writing and editing. I work from home, well, my boss’s home (though the word around Continue reading → is my new project

I’ve been busy lately. Work has kept me busy, in a good way. I really enjoy what I’m doing. But I’m always wanting something more, something I can control. Enter Some time last year, Tinder was a really popular app for people looking to have some sex with strangers. Many people I talked to wanted to know why a similar app didn’t exist but just for meeting platonic friends. People to fill some voids in your free time who have similar interests as you Continue reading →

A Whole Lot of Changes

Okay, I think it’s time that I explain myself. For the past few months, I have done a terrible job keeping up with most aspects of my life and, unfortunately, this blog fell into that category. I think it’s time to come clean about it and to do so, I want to tell you a story. In late 2012, I returned from my Peace Corps Ukraine life and set out to find myself a job to do. In what I still deem to be record Continue reading →

Gas Prices Are Low and I have the Travel Bug

So there’s a curious thing going on lately with gas prices and I’m not going to complain. My guesses is that it has to do with me getting my “old person” ID back in November. The state of Wisconsin issues driver’s licenses in the vertical format if you’re under 21 years old. Assuming you don’t lose your license or have to get a new license for some reason, the license needs to be renewed when you turn 27 (or after some time frame) and then Continue reading →

How to Make Friends

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this on here before–I know I’ve talked about it with a handful of different people–but, how do you make friends? Like, I legitimately want to know.  As far as I can remember, I’ve made friends when I’m in places where other people are trying to make friends en-masse. Like the first day of kindergarten, middle school, high school. The first week of college. Peace Corps. I cannot think of any friends I’ve made outside of these places, none Continue reading →