Walking the Cat

Recently, Ellie and I have tried to get out of the apartment as much as possible because the weather has been nicer and we both have cabin fever from the longer Winter than usual in recent years. We try to walk for a bit before dinner when possible, just to stretch the legs. On the weekends, we search for geocaches. Any excuse to move is a good excuse. Marley, however, we neglected and is why we decided to start walking the cat. Now, I’ve heard about Continue reading →


You know that ever running gag in TV and movies where a family dog dies while the kids are away and the parents deal with and then offhand mention it to their kids at a later date as though it doesn’t really matter? I do, because that shit happens. The Threat My father has always been difficult to get presents for. He’s the kind of guy who has the things he needs, and if he doesn’t then he’ll go out and get them. He doesn’t Continue reading →

Dash App Review for Efficient Driving

If you’re environment conscious in any way and own a car and want to get the most out of that car through efficient driving, I highly recommend you read on. I want to talk about an app or your phone which I read about a while ago and recently had the opportunity to take advantage of. That app is Dash (Android, iTunes (I know the app exists for Apple products, but I can’t find the link at the time of writing)) and it will change Continue reading →

Peace Corps Fundraiser Lunch

I did it finally, I took the leap. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how I was planing on getting more involved in the RPCV community around where I live and this past Saturday, I took the next step. This past weekend I went to the Spring Peace Corps Fundraiser lunch hosted by the Milwaukee Peace Corps Association. It was fantastic and I fell silly for worry about meeting people and trying to fit in. The lunch was to raise money to support Continue reading →

@PutinRF_Eng please come protect me!

Владимир Путин, иди сюда и защитить меня. Я говорю по-русски. Vladimir Putin, come here and protect me. I speak Russian. I’m appealing to you, Mr. Putin, because you’re interested in protecting Russian speakers now and I’m one of them. If it helps my case at all, I learned to speak Russian while I was in Ukraine (if you’re unaware, it’s the neighboring country to your West). If it furthers my case, I learned Russian in Chernigov, which isn’t very far from your border. And as a Continue reading →

Little Free Library

Ellie and I were out for a walk yesterday when we came across the Little Free Library near my home and we saw this: In case you cannot read it, the note says: Notice: I put this Little Free Library here to teach my son about sharing and kindness. When you take all of the books out of the library at once without even leaving a book, you make it very hard to teach that lesson. Be neighborly. Take a book, leave a book. Thank Continue reading →

April Fool’s Treats

This is a rather cruel joke, but one of my coworkers brought April Fool’s treats into work today and left it on the break room table for all to share. In case it’s hard to tell, this was her idea of an April Fool’s Day prank. Brown Es. Brownies. What a terrible person. I wanted a chocolatety and delightful snack. I hate today. I hate April Fool’s treats because I want real treats.

Milwaukee Peace Corps Association

Ever since I’ve gotten back from the Peace Corps, I wanted to do more with my life. I wanted more than a job and an apartment and a car to get between the two. There was this need to be doing something that helped the community, no matter how small or large. It was a feeling of fulfillment in what I was doing with my life, a feeling I had come to love while in Ukraine. I struggled with the get up and go, however. Continue reading →

March Madness Bracket and the $1 Billion I Never Had

If you didn’t hear, Quicken Loans is giving away a $1 Billion to one person who picks a perfect bracket for March Madness. This is backed by Warren Buffet. Really, if you didn’t hear, you should pay attention to get rich quick articles on the web. Granted, the odds of winning are slim to none: Odds of Winning. The odds of winning the Grand Prize depend on the outcome of each of the Tournament games and the skill of each Entrant. Mathematical odds of winning Continue reading →