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Calvin Inspired Peanut Butter Dilemma Redux

A while back, I had a peanut butter dilemma. I couldn’t deal with it. I tried and tried to preserve the purity of the top of my peanut butter, and it sunk farther away each time I scooped some out. I didn’t know how to deal with it. So I tried again. And again and each time the same thing happened. Then I thought to myself, maybe I wasn’t thinking big enough. Maybe I needed a bigger jar. Maybe my peanut butter dilemma would be solved Continue reading →

A Danny with 1000 Books He Loves

You want to know what book I love? Me too. I’m looking at my bookshelf and I’m trying to decide which one I really love the most. My eyes keep jumping from dust jacket to dusk jacket and I I keep thinking with every new cover, this is the book I love. But I love so many. I want to write about just one. I want to tell you how the 3rd Harry Potter is the book which made me read and love Harry Potter. The Continue reading →

Comics No More

Sometime late in high school I started reading web comics–this was in addition to the traditional print comics I read every Sunday in the paper–because I simply love comic strips. This love came back in second grade while visiting my grandparents in Chicago. My grandma gave us each a copy of Calvin and Hobbes: Revenge of the Babysat. I don’t know how many times I read through that book and every other Calvin and Hobbes book, but I know that it was enough to be able Continue reading →

Another Year Ends, Looking Forward Now

It’s been a year now since I last looked back. I think I’ve come a long way, both physically and mentally. Any year I can say that is a good year, if you ask me. In the first half of the year, I spent much of my time working with students to prepare them for their English competitions. It was also my last full semester as a teacher in Ukraine. I think it was also where I really got into my groove in teaching. Hell, Continue reading →

Calvin Inspired Peanut Butter Dilemma

I’m proud to say that I’ve read every single Calvin and Hobbes strip I can get my hands on. I think the comic has wisdom to it beyond all of our years. We can learn something from each one of the strips, even if it’s simply that we need to laugh at life a little more. However, today I present you with this strip: It’s seems silly, but this is something I try to live by. I’m not the only one either. I take Calvin’s words Continue reading →