Monthly Archives: July 2015

Warby Parker Frame Selection

So it’s been a few years since I was in Spain and went out for drinks and got back to the hostel and locked my glasses in the storage locker. When I woke up, I found them broken. I think the ear piece must have gotten stuck in the hinge of the door. Really, I don’t know how else they’d get broken in a hostel locker. When I got back to Ukraine after my Spanish trip, I went through the motions of getting new glasses Continue reading →

Fixing the Beacon Coronet Fixie

On my bike ride into work each day, there’s this corner where I cut through a parking lot. It’s easier to swing the corner this way because it is at the bottom of the hill and I pick up too much speed to slow down comfortably and I don’t want to fly out into traffic since it’s a very busy road. So the parking lot shortcut it is. But, unlike the slope down to the corner, this shortcut actually has a bit of an incline. Continue reading →