Musings on an English Degree

Month: December 2011

My biweekly newsletter is comi…

My biweekly newsletter is coming so easily to me. I guess ranting comes naturally to me.

Travelling by myself is diffic…

Travelling by myself is difficult. I need to figure out how to get from the airport to the hostel. That’s my last hurdle. #peacecorpslife

Tech Tips – Distraction December YouTube Mixers

To wrap up the Distraction December Tech Tips, I thought I’d offer something you might find useful for wowing your friends this coming New Years. What’s a party without music? What’s a good party without someone to DJ the music? If you’re like me, then you can’t stand when the music gets interrupted because someone […]

Hoi Polloi

I guess I can be considered Hoi Polloi (noun: the common people; the masses (often preceded by the )). Can you find me on I met Tara back at the end of October. She was on a trip to find herself and to transition between lives. She and Jeramie were good friends back in high school and they decided to catch up in Ukraine. We had […]

Worst part about writing the n…

Worst part about writing the next American novel? Typing up all the words you wrote by hand because you have better focus writing that way.

Maybe I should start tweeting …

Maybe I should start tweeting more. Maybe I should start wearing pants more. #midtwentieslifecrisis

I only had one class today. Di…

I only had one class today. Didn’t know lessons were shortened until I got to school–late.

Tech Tips – Distraction December Mad Libs

I bet you’re sitting on your (furniture) now reading (piece of writing). You look at your (noun) and see that the sky is (adjective). “(exclamation),” you think to yourself, “I’ve forgotten to (household chore verb) the laundry.” But you don’t care because you have more important things to do, like read (subject of this email). […]