Daily Archives: September 3, 2011

Community paintball I love you

I finally had time to catch up on Community. It took me about two days to watch the second season and that’s only because I had to worry about going back to work. The season as a whole was quite good with a lot of homages to various movies and shows. But, if you ask me, it truly shined in the last two episodes. In the first season, the students at Greendale played a game of paintball for the prize of priority registration and it Continue reading →

The high-end Kindle

With the amount of time I have, I read a fair number of books. I always have and I suspect I always will. About a year ago I received my first Kindle. It changed reading for me forever. I thought, like many people yet to own a Kindle, that pages and physical copies are important. I thought without them reading just wouldn’t be the same. I was wrong. Reading is very near to being the same on a Kindle, you’re just holding something different (I Continue reading →