Daily Archives: April 6, 2009

Meal Time

A food court filled with freshmen, The racks of stainless steel pots and pans stand taller than a cold iron mountain. Mystery abounds: the lines grow and shrink at random. Are the cookies cooked today? Grabbing a warm, wet tray, I begin my journey. I glance at the sandwich bar full of white meats and orange cheeses; Coasties frenzy over the green hummus and the not freshly baked croissants. Chick peas smashed into a paste, how good could it taste? Hummus actually does taste pretty Continue reading →

Columbian Cheveche vs. Wily Weasel

Columbian cheveche creates conflict At the zenith of flight Muscle meat taught against tendons Beneath, a beach on which, a weasel Greedily grabs for fishy food. The dark-crowned screech owl swoops Dropping down, daring the weasel to run. Struck aghast, slay of weasel on its way? Amber owl above brings carnage Talons making ready to mangle the meat. Fleeing from flight, folly is made Family and friends of weasel Form fortification for him. Owl observes efforts, Verily in vain assumes winged wonder. Swooping speedily slaughter Continue reading →