Ubuntu Gets Me Excited

Computers / Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Okay, time to nerd out all over my blog. It’d be a lie to say I’m not excited for Thursday.

“Why Danny? What’s so important about Thursday? Do you have the day off?”

Yes, I have the day off. I have every Thursday off at the moment but that’s not it. Thursday is the day Ubuntu 12.10 is released. Nerd. Amiright?

Now, I usually get excited over the release of the operating system I’m using. It used to be I got excited over major Windows releases and Service Packs but since I’m primarily using Ubuntu now, this is exciting. Pending being able to play my games on Ubuntu, I’m switching my desktop over to it when I get home. I like it being free.

But free isn’t the only draw. In the new release of Ubuntu, I’m really excited for WebApps to be integrated into the desktop. I’ve tried to get the preview to work on my laptop for the past week to no avail. I think they’ll boost my productivity and lower my number of open tabs at any given moment. I also like that the packages for GIMP and Libre Office are being updated (though I’ve run GIMP 2.8 regardless for some time). I like that everything will feel new again, even if it’s not.

Who’s with me? Who is eagerly awaiting the release of Ubuntu 12.10 and will be installing it over coffee Thursday morning?

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