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Blog / Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Once again, I have been slacking in my updates. It’s that time of the semester so I feel like I can get away with it.

I had a few more problems with the Kawasaki this past weekend. It currently isn’t ridable. I took the carbs off to clean them and when I put them back on there was a significant loss of power throughout the throttle and I had a lot of backfire from at least one of the cylinders. I’m pretty sure I figured out why I’m having these problems so it’s just a matter of getting to my parents house to fix them. I’ll keep you updated.

I was home this past weekend for a physical and dental checkup for my Peace Corps application. While both the sets of tests were thorough and possibly unnecessary, I understand why I had to go through them. Think about it, this is part of their decision whether or not to send me to a foreign country where they will be partially liable for my wellbeing. Why send me if I’m going to rack up a bunch of medical bills on their dime?

Anyway, I only have one more test, vision, to go and then I can send in my completed medical packet.

My dad sent a message out to our summer softball team yesterday informing us that we will be playing again this summer. I had been worried that we wouldn’t because we usually know by now. But our sponsor was on vacation for a few months and didn’t have a chance to send in our registration. Whatever the reason is, I’m just glad that I will get to play some ball this summer.

I’ve been wanting to do a website redesign for some time now, but I have been busy with other projects that take priority. I have a fair amount of the new design done, but not enough. Once this summer rolls around and I’m doing little more than working, I will have plenty of time to program for pleasure. I’m taking suggestions on things to add or things you would like to see changed.

I posted my current draft of my semester long story. It runs about 75 pages in Microsoft Word, so take your time if you’re going to read it. It can be found┬áhere. Take note, I had to split it into two ‘drafts’ because of the length. Maybe this summer I will be able to upload it as one. To view the second half, click the number ‘2’ after ‘Draft’ at the top of the page.

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