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Rest in peace

Goodbye freedom that is summer break. We had a good run, but now it is time that I give you up. Its odd to think that that previous statement is more or less true, partially because I am only a single week in to my summer vacation. But, sadly, it is true. Tuesday I return to work. Other than the forty hours a week that I have planned to be at work, I plan only to play softball on Sundays. Very little planned for the Continue reading →

Swing of things

Now that the semester has slowed down a bit once again, I feel somewhat relaxed. Or maybe it is the fact that I spent as little time as possible on my feet this weekend in order to let them rest for once. Or maybe it is because I just took 10 shots of vodka (just kidding mom and dad). Either way, me = relaxed. Throughout this week and the next I will have a bunch of free time. I will hopefully get a chance to Continue reading →


I have not had as much time lately as I would have liked to work on the site, though I am slowly progessing through my tasks. Time is better spent at the moment catching up on my vast amounts of reading for class. Supposedly if I do well on things called exams I will, in the end, get a degree. Though right now this seems to be a needless luxury item, I am sure that my parents will tell me that it is good to Continue reading →