Someday, I just really feel like getting things done. Last night was one of those nights. Granted, we did huddle under blankets and watch the office for a while because it’s cold out and our apartment is cold, but I did manage to get a few items checked off my list. I had ordered a […]

January 13, 2017

Mad Men and Game of Thrones What Happened to You


I think Bert Cooper said it best when he spoke to Don at the end of this week’s Mad Men. Bert: A client left here unhappy yesterday because you have a little girl running everything. Don: My department is fine. We just need more bodies but Lane won’t let us. Bert: You’ve been on love leave. It’s […]

April 23, 2012



Sometimes I do things, regarding television, that just seem stupid to other people. I like to watch a series from the beginning to the end regardless of whether I’m enjoying it or not. For example, Seinfeld. The past couple of months I’ve spent watching all nine seasons of Roseanne. I’ve learned a few things while […]

December 17, 2011

The rest is just progress


Let me start off by saying that I’m aware that the comic hasn’t been updated today. It will be. I was at home yesterday working on the Kawasaki, playing softball and watching the series finale of Lost. I plan on updating this afternoon, so stick with me. The Kawasaki is ridable, though I’m definitely wary […]

May 24, 2010