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April Fools Prank with a Raspberry Pi

So I have this idea for a April Fool’s day prank using my Raspberry Pi and for the most part, it’s completely possible. Background I work in an open office space and everyone can see what everyone else is doing on their computers. Some people sit on Facebook in their downtime, others look at cars, and one uses Pinterist. But everyone, and I mean everyone, reads the news. For the most part, they use CNN as their goto news source. When a big story comes Continue reading →

Raspberry Pi Ordered

For those of you who might care, I finally ordered my Raspberry Pi today. I’ve put it off for no clear reason. Which, considering it’s back-ordered for at least three weeks, is stupid. Since it’s being delivered to my parents place back in the States, I won’t get to play with it for a while. Currently, I’m swinging back and forth on installing OpenELEC and RaspBMC. I keep wanting to write, “I’m leaning towards {x} because of {y},” but every time I do, I check the other Continue reading →

The Next Gen NES HTPC with Legos

Remember when I wanted to build a NES HTPC? Me too. It was a great idea. Then I changed my mind. I decided that I’d rather go with a Raspberry Pi to power my HTPC (running OpenELEC, of course). It’s a far cheaper option and people are reporting great success with it. At first, I had added a pre-molded case to my cart, thinking it would simplify things. Then I got to thinking, why not build my case? It doesn’t have to be big or Continue reading →