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Today is Pazcki day, which is basically a jelly donuts eaten by the Polish before Lent. I have made them before, but not for a few years. It’s a very time intensive and daunting process. This year, I made the dough the night before and then fried them up the morning of. It worked out well. I took a dozen to work and Ellie took a dozen to work. Her dozen didn’t last past noon. Mine, because we were short-staffed today, made it to about Continue reading →


What are your holiday cookie traditions? In the Zawacki family, we have a few.  I personally like to make the ones that family members used to make, the family members who are no longer with to celebrate Christmas. I feel that there’s a lot of comfort in making things their way. They would bring the same ones year after year after year and no one complained, we just had ones we particularly looked forward to. However, since as the years pass by, fewer of the Continue reading →

A Zawacki Christmas

It was Christmas on Monday, for those of you non-Christians out there who are unaware. As a confirmed Catholic, I hope you had a good Christmas. As a born human, I hope you had a great day regardless of what you did. Every year for Christmas eve, my mom’s side of the family gathers at our house and eats and parties and opens presents. We used to go to Church, but we stopped a few years back. I won’t get into my reasons why I’m Continue reading →

Cooking the Old Warsaw Cook Book

So a while back I was in the Peace Corps office looking at the “take one, leave one” bookshelf for volunteers. Rarely do I take books from the shelf because I have such a wonderful Kindle loaded with the books I want. However, one thing I’ve found is that cookbooks are better in paper form. Paper books can be propped open on a counter. Paper books can get dirty, sticky, and covered in flour and you won’t care. Paper books don’t shut off. They’re perfect Continue reading →