Life in a day


YouTube asked its users to partake in a project recently, I did. Ridley Scott is producing and Kevin MacDonald is directing a film that features only footage shot on July 24th, 2010. They reached out to YouTube users to lend a hand by uploading what they did that day. Here is my video:

July 29, 2010

Read the manual last


I came home this weekend to do a little more work on the Kawasaki. It’s been a learning experience since the other one went down a thousand miles from home. I can confidently say that I can tear down a KZ650 engine and put it back together. The only problem? I can’t get it running […]

July 25, 2010

Adventure dog


This is the third part of the three part series about ‘Road Trip: 2010’. This part of the story is a cautionary tale. I was without a motorcycle and more than a thousand miles from home. I needed a way to get back in time for work. The way I saw it, I had three […]

July 16, 2010

Relaxation me


This is the second part of the three part series about ‘Road Trip: 2010’. What would you do in my situation? I mean seriously think about it. I’m a thousand miles away from home with a motorcycle that won’t run without a great deal of work and money. I could have easily dropped the bike […]

July 13, 2010

Adventure me


This is the first part in a three part series about ‘Road Trip: 2010’. Maybe I wasn’t ‘born to be wild’. I woke up early and got myself and my bike ready for the road last Thursday. I had emptied out my saddlebags of their usual bit (later to my dismay) and loaded them with […]

July 9, 2010

A change of pace kind of week


I’m not even halfway done with the week and I know it’s been interesting. As you know, I’m planning on road-tripping to Massachusetts this weekend on my motorcycle. Much to my dismay, on Sunday I found that my carbs had frozen in a wide open position. This is bad unless I want to get to […]

June 30, 2010

Head out on the highway


WTB: Drugs in a clear plastic tube, sealed at both ends so I can place them in the gas tank of my motorcycle. They’ll talk to ya and talk to ya and talk to ya about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ’em. I’m road tripping next week. I riding […]

June 26, 2010



June 9th was the three year anniversary of my longest running relationship. I fell in love with her freshman year of college. I saw her most everyday. She was always in the same spot, outside of Liz Waters, just sitting. I remember telling people that I was going to make her mine. I doubt they […]

June 16, 2010

Nearing Spring


Once again it is that time of the semester when all the work starts piling up. I have a presentation tomorrow, a paper due Thursday, another one coming up soon and finally an exam in a week or two. Don’t bother me none. The heat is still not on in our apartment. I really don’t […]

February 21, 2010