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A wrench in the plan

This morning I went to the board meeting, it went less smoothly than I anticipated. That’s good, though; that’s what I was asking for. The boardembers actually we’re questioning things. As it turns out, they had been meeting for an hour before I showed up, like usual. My boss has presented the proposed budget for […]

Board meeting

I have to go to a board meeting today. We have them once a month and I got to report on membership sales and tech status. While it’s nice being considered important enough to go, I’d rather not have to.  I feel like we lie. We take whatever numbers we have and spin them to […]


I’m not the person to ask about creating budgets. For home life, maybe but I need a lot of incentive to stick to it. For work, no. I know so little about what it costs to run the company and what it would take to bring a profit and even less about what ideal goals […]


I cannot sit through long meetings. Over an hour, you’re pushing it. Two hours? I’m entirely useless for the rest of the day. So when a co-worker proposed a four hour all staff meeting, I spoke my mind. Every December we have a slew of planning and budgetary meetings for the following year. We plan […]

Website Redesign

As I mentioned recently and as you may have noticed, I redesigned my website because I felt it was a little dated. It was a lot of fun and it took me nearly no time at all when I think about it. But that’s not the only website redesign I’ve done recently. I redesigned my […]