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I can’t believe I forgot to talk about Student Loans

I’ve been talking about my student loans for years. It seems like it’s been a very slow process of whittling away at them to the point where they’re manageable. And what I consider slow is probably blazing fast for the average person. I mean, I rarely paid the minimum due each month and there would be months where I would dump a thousand or two into paying back my student loans. Each year I said to myself, “This is the year I pay off my Continue reading →


I’m no stranger to getting a raise. Part of that stems from the fact that I haven’t really been at a job more than two years. It’s easy to start someone low and then bump them up early on. I’m guessing if I stick around any place long enough, the raises would taper off. Presently, I’m waiting for a raise. This past fall I was really, really unhappy with the situation at work and I was looking around for other jobs. I talked to a Continue reading →


I’m not the person to ask about creating budgets. For home life, maybe but I need a lot of incentive to stick to it. For work, no. I know so little about what it costs to run the company and what it would take to bring a profit and even less about what ideal goals would be for salespeople. Yet somehow I, along with the rest of the staff, am included in those conversations. My thought has always been that the company leadership determines budgets Continue reading →