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November – Day 30

I’ve survived. Let’s wrap this all up, shall we? I started the month with a few goals in mind. I wanted to take 30 Day Challenge to be a Better Man. I wanted to deactivate my Facebook account, at least for the month of November. I wanted to grow a mustache to support prostate cancer awareness. I wanted to write 50,000 towards my novel to finally win NaNoWriMo. And finally, I wanted to do 3,000 sit ups and 3,000 push ups in increase my health and Continue reading →

Why I Choose to Leave Facebook

I joined on August 18th, 2006. I became friends with two of my closest friends within the month following. On June 20th, 2008 I entered into a relationship with Emily Meier. That relationship ended a little over four months later on November 5, 2008. I have documented photos of me singing, dancing and partaking in revelry. I’m in costume and underwear, jeans and a t-shirt. I liked baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars, whiskey, and you. I flirted with girls every day of the week. I had my Continue reading →


Recently I came across a link that couldn’t help but make me laugh. Maybe it’s the English nerd in me, but this kind of thing is exactly what the online community needs. Maybe it’s the asshole in me, but I decided to start partaking in this leisurely activity. For years now, I’ve been leaving comments on people’s status updates correcting their grammar only if I know they’ll understand why I’m doing it. They needed to know that proper grammar is important to me. I also Continue reading →

Woes of a junkie

Ever wish you could just get away from something for good? Like it would make your life infinitely better if you did? When you first found it, you were happy, you discovered things that you never thought of before. Then came the moments of obsession. The ones where you cannot be without it. But things changed. Slowly, you worked yourself into hating it. Despising all the time you spent with it. Now you look for a way to leave it forever, to never have to Continue reading →