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Two Years In

Today, I’m finishing up the first two years at my job. What a wild two years it has been. When I started, there were just three of us working full-time out of my boss’s condo. Everyone did a bit of this and a bit of that, and we mostly hobbled by. Then, we started brining on more staff. Someone to do this or that, some part-time and some full-time. And we grew, and grew. We built too, new products which were meant to change the Continue reading →


So the employee who was fired a couple weeks ago refuses to accept reality. He was fired for performance reasons. Since he has been fired, he applied for unemployment. Since he has another job, my understanding is that he isn’t unemployed. Is there some special rule I don’t know about? Maybe a part time job or less than a certain number of hours doesn’t count as employment? He also left with his office keys. No one communicated on this one for who would collect his Continue reading →

A Bad Employee?

Am I a bad employee? Today, I heard through a co-worker, who was reprimanded that the two of us talk too much. Is that a bad thing? But seriously, is it a bad thing that I have time to talk to a co-worker while at work who also has time to talk? Am I expected to be working every possible minute of the day? If I am, this is not the place for me to work. That’s not how I work best. I sprint to Continue reading →