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What are your holiday cookie traditions? In the Zawacki family, we have a few.  I personally like to make the ones that family members used to make, the family members who are no longer with to celebrate Christmas. I feel that there’s a lot of comfort in making things their way. They would bring the […]

Car Accident

As I left for work a couple of weeks ago, I got into a minor fender bender on my way out of my apartment parking lot. Initially, my emotions soared as I do not like when other people mistreat my expensive things I meticulously maintain. You see, I was driving out the last straight shot […]

Tentative Christmas 2012 Plans

So when my sister was here, we had the most brilliant idea to celebrate Christmas this year. Instead of having my mom’s side of the family over to eat, give presents, and start fights with each other (all Zawacki traditions); we thought it would be better to go on a bar crawl, as a family. […]