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Today is Pazcki day, which is basically a jelly donuts eaten by the Polish before Lent. I have made them before, but not for a few years. It’s a very time intensive and daunting process. This year, I made the dough the night before and then fried them up the morning of. It worked out well. I took a dozen to work and Ellie took a dozen to work. Her dozen didn’t last past noon. Mine, because we were short-staffed today, made it to about Continue reading →


We rearranged the furniture in the office today. My boss is convinced it will increase productivity. I disagree. I’m a stubborn old man, but I disagree. Our office was given to use for a year free by the company investor who owns the building. It feels like an office that was leftover because no one wanted it. It’s awkwardly laid out and we don’t have furniture that fits the space (also gifted by an investor). When we moved into the space a year ago, we Continue reading →

Checking out

I’m not stranger to being fed up with a job and in the process of looking for a new one. I’ve been in that place a few times now. I’ve even been in that place with my current job, though I talked myself out of being fed up and realized it was a lack of communication that got me to that point. Currently, however, we have a co-worker in my office who is fed up with his job, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he Continue reading →