Cat Grooming

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Oh my god! I think I just came to the realization that this leading lady:  …Doesn’t lick me because she spent time with dogs and picked up their odd dog habits but in fact she licks me because she finds my personal grooming habits inadequate to her own. Maybe she did the math and calculated […]

July 11, 2013

Cleaning an Apartment

Peace Corps

Bear with me for a moment, this might get confusing. So my landlady came over earlier this week to collect rent and utility bills. She also informed me the woman who owns the apartment (is she my landlady?) will be coming back to Konotop sometime in the next week. She doesn’t know when, she just […]

November 11, 2012

Outerior Decorating

Peace Corps

First this: Yes, that is a woman outside with a carpet. She might be doing the newest fad in Ukraine, Outerior Decorating, or she might just be beating the dirt out of the carpet. Then this: Yes, this is a plate of piping hot, fresh bagels in my apartment in Ukraine. Yes I made them. […]

February 20, 2012

Always pay the boatman

Peace Corps

I forgot to mention yesterday that it was my last day of work. It was nice, my boss was sad to see me go and I was sad to go. Coworkers dropped by throughout the day to wish me luck in the Peace Corps and to make sure I let them know how things are […]

August 25, 2010