New Bike


I finally broke down and did some major upgrades to the old fixed gear I put together in college. I think the only original parts left are the handlebars and the brake lever. I’ve replaced everything else over the years. Just last week, I replaced the wheels and the frame with those of a bike […]

October 13, 2016

Fixing the Beacon Coronet Fixie


On my bike ride into work each day, there’s this corner where I cut through a parking lot. It’s easier to swing the corner this way because it is at the bottom of the hill and I pick up too much speed to slow down comfortably and I don’t want to fly out into traffic […]

July 8, 2015



Just a few quick things from me. First of all, if you sent or were considering sending an email requesting I be put in the paper, thank you. But I found out today that currently all the spots are filled and I will be notified if anything opens. Feel free to complain or send more […]

July 31, 2008

I like it fixed


My apologies, I have been busy. I first would like to start off with asking whoever is spamming my site non-stop to please cease. It creates a ton of extra work for me to have to go through and delete all of your self promotoing non-sense. Secondly, the reason I have been not updating the […]

July 27, 2008