Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Kind thoughts to everyone who has served the country in some way, shape, or form. A handful of my family members (from earlier generations) served during the wars last century. A handful of my friends have also risked their lives to serve the country in more recent times. Thank you […]

May 26, 2014

10 Things I Want to be Remembered For


Someday, I will die. I hope to go peacefully as my grandpa did, lying on the couch in his sleep. I don’t want to be as young as him because he never really got to know any of his grandkids but still, peacefully in my sleep. At the end of my life, I hope someone […]

September 20, 2013

Mars: The Next Frontier


America used to be about something, we had to conquer and tame the West. It was our Manifest Destiny. But the West has been explored and conquered and settled. There’s nothing left for us to explore. Wrong. There’s nothing left for us to explore on this Earth (well, there is with the oceans and stuff, […]

September 18, 2013

Travelling Friend, Almost


A few weeks back, I was excited for Lyuda. She messaged me to let me know that a family living in Chicago had contacted her about an au pair job. For those of you who don’t know, an au pair is typically a young woman who lives in a home and raises the children. For some […]

February 19, 2013

Finnish School


At some point or another I became interested in schooling and how to improve on it in America because, if you’re unaware, Americans are falling behind. While it doesn’t piqué my interest quite nearly as much as green energy, I still enjoy reading an article or two from time to time. Anyway, that’s a roundabout […]

January 27, 2013

Another Year Ends, Looking Forward Now


It’s been a year now since I last looked back. I think I’ve come a long way, both physically and mentally. Any year I can say that is a good year, if you ask me. In the first half of the year, I spent much of my time working with students to prepare them for […]

January 1, 2013

Celebrated ‘Merica

Peace Corps

Even though Americans may be 5,000 miles away from home, we still know how to throw down for the 4th of July. I meant to write about this earlier but since I don’t have the means to live blog anything unless it’s live blogging my own live blog (RECURSION!) due to my internet situation, it […]

July 13, 2012