Ellie’s Christmas Gift


In my mind, gifts need to be perfect and that’s why I hate them. I have trouble giving something to someone if there’s no utility or practicality or any real reason the recipient would like to receive the gift. I can’t just go to the store and pick something out for someone and think it’s […]

January 7, 2014

A Look Back at 2013


I struggled in 2013. I grew. I survived. I loved. I hated. I laughed and I cried. But I struggled and that’s what really made 2013, 2013 for me. Let me break down break it down. 2013 started and looking back, it was clear that I didn’t know how I was supposed to treat it. […]

January 3, 2014

Whitewater, WI and the Peace Corps

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So get this, Peace Corps announced their “Top Volunteer-Producing States and Metropolitan Areas for 2013” today, and it’s surprising, but my tiny hometown barely made one of the lists. At first, I got really excited thinking it was me who made the list, but it’s for 2013 and it’s been over a year since I got […]

December 11, 2013