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Table for Two – Plans


Build this delightful table for two with these free downloadable plans that anyone can follow. Common household tools are needed to build this two-person table.



Need a table for two, but can't afford the prefab ones? This simple plan will walk you through the process to build a table with two benches. The best part is, you can build this for less than $50 in the course of a weekend. Some of the cuts required for this plan are a bit fancier than 90-degree cuts, but you could easily modify the plan if you don't have the tools or the setup for the complex cuts.

Made with pine 2x4s and pine edge-glued boards, this is the table my wife and I use every day in our house. 

With a small footprint, reclaim your space in the ever-shrinking size of houses, apartments, and dorm rooms!


These plans are offered free of charge as they are not my own design. I have made a few improvements to the design as well as some editing to the instructions but largely these are the original plans provided by Popular Mechanics. The ability to sell and distribute these plans and the table created from these plans is regulated by Popular Mechanics’ policy on the matter.

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