Excuse Thursday

Peace Corps, Writing

It’s time for everybody’s favorite game here, Danny Makes Excuses!¬† I’m fully aware that I said I’d type up a bunch of my novel yesterday and update the word count but other things got in my way. It’s fine, I’ll hopefully get to it later today. First off, yesterday I was having trouble with¬†WordPress. It […]

July 12, 2012

Analog Writing for Digital Content

Computers, Writing

In the next 24 hours, expect to see a spike in my word count to the left. I’ve been busy writing the past few days and today is going to be a day of typing (after I bake a batch of muffins and deliver them). I figured out the secret to me churning out ~4,000 […]

July 11, 2012

It was Lunchtime


I was on Google+, exploring the popular posts, and I came across one promoting a new feature in Google Docs. It’s the Docs Demo: Master’s Edition. You write and famous writers come in and edit it in their own voice. It’s silly but fun to play with. Here’s what I came up with (with the […]

June 23, 2012

Authorial Intent


I had a conversation with one of my students this week about the meaning in literature. We were discussing how we hate reading texts like teachers want us to read texts because we prefer to see the story as the story was written, word for word. A tree is a tree, a clap of thunder […]

March 10, 2012

I Write Like


I came across a plugin for Chrome today, which just a redirect to iwl.me. The website is called I Write Like and the purpose is to analyze your writing and tell you which famous author it resembles. It’s a neat tool, but it got me thinking. Why do I care who I write like? I’ve […]

December 4, 2011



Recently I came across a link that couldn’t help but make me laugh. Maybe it’s the English nerd in me, but this kind of thing is exactly what the online community needs. Maybe it’s the asshole in me, but I decided to start partaking in this leisurely activity. For years now, I’ve been leaving comments […]

April 25, 2011

This one’s for you

Peace Corps, Writing

I consider myself a writer even though it seems I only write my inane thoughts here. But trust me, I have many more inane thoughts. I recently realized I don’t hate my commute between home and Madison as much as I thought I did. It used to be that it was an hour ride where […]

August 22, 2010

We make our own


It seems like a lot of people are in limbo these days. Hardly anyone has a full time job even though everyone seems to need one. I’ve been looking, though my situation is complicated. First, I’m waiting to hear about the Peace Corps and I don’t know how to go about finding a job when […]

June 21, 2010