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Peace Corps

I make a point to leave my personal life out of this blog. However, this post will bring some of it in, but only because it’s related to the Peace Corps. As you should know, the Peace Corps is a two and a quarter year commitment should you be accepted. I haven’t been accepted yet, […]

May 31, 2010


Blog, Motorcycles, Peace Corps

First softball game of the season was yesterday. We won. I came home with a decent cut from sliding into second. The girlfriend is home for the summer, and currently on an island with very limited communication. I worked on the Kawasaki this past weekend and it’s made some progress, but I’m still worried about […]

May 17, 2010

Mohammed and the naysayer

Peace Corps

I finally met with Mohammed last Thursday. He is my attempt at getting tutoring experience before I leave for the Peace Corps (30hrs are required, though I plan to do much more). Mohammed is from Saudi Arabia. He’s 26 and he is here learning English so he can attend an American graduate program. He majored […]

March 31, 2010

Waiting for Mohammed

Peace Corps

In preparation for the Peace Corps, I was asked to start tutoring ESL students. The guidelines I was given for this were very broad. I need to have 30 hours logged before I am able to leave. That being said, I am sitting in a coffee shop hoping that Mohammed has a chance to show […]

March 20, 2010

Cats and Slavic countries

Cats, Peace Corps

For the past few years there has been a small dispute about whether or not I draw myself into my comic. I don’t, for the record. But regardless, I did two things last Wednesday that was out of character. I forgot to post a comic before it should have gone up and I drew myself […]

March 15, 2010

Interviews and employment

Computers, Peace Corps

My apologies, I just realized that I didn’t update the comic last night. I was in the homework mode until I went to bed. I will try to get one up tonight. To answer the question, “How did your interview go?” It went, okay. However, I find it hard to judge because I think I […]

March 10, 2010

The SR and the interview

Motorcycles, Peace Corps

I meant to write this post on Monday but life happens. On Sunday I went to take a look at the KZ650 SR that I was considering buying. Much appreciation goes out to Geoff for driving me there. It was a six hour round trip for him. Anyway, I saw the bike and she was […]

March 4, 2010

Follow up email

Peace Corps

As promised, I will keep you updated on my Peace Corps application. Today I received an email containing some more documents to fill out. I was also told to expect some more in the mail. I have until February 17th to complete and return them. I also learned that there is no guarantee of an […]

February 2, 2010

Peace Corps

Peace Corps

Two weeks ago I posted something a little cryptic: I also am not sure what I want to do (well I do and I am working on it but something needs to fill that time). This post is to answer Amy, who asked “So what is it exactly that you want to do?” Today, I […]

January 30, 2010