Intro to Parenting

“That was ‘Take a Chance on Me’ by ABBA. We’ll be back with Tiger James and Mack in the Morning after these words from our sponsor. When was the last time you had the shingles on your roof replaced?” Richard reached over from the bed and slammed his hand down on the alarm clock. He knew if he hit the snooze button he’d have to listen to the morning talk again, so he made sure to turn the alarm off. Richard hated the morning talk Continue reading →

Columbian Carabo vs. Water Weasel

Columbian Carabo starts a conflict At the zenith of flight Muscle taught against tendons Beneath, a beach on which, a weasel Greedily grabs for fish. The brown tawny owl swoops Down, daring the weasel to run. Struck aghast, is a weasel slaying on its way? Amber owl brings carnage from above, Talons ready to mangle the meat. Fleeing from flight, Aid in form of fellow weasels Form fortification for him. Owl observes efforts, Verily in vain assumes winged wonder. Swooping, slaughter is nigh, Rodents ready Continue reading →

Norman Agate

“If you will just sign here and the loan for your museum is yours,” said the Mr. Bankman who was the loan officer in charge of Norman. “How about that? Just need to write the eleven letters that make up Norman Agate?” Norman replied, wiping the mucus from his nose out of habit. “Now I will finally be able to break ground on the future home for Steve and all of his little companions.” “Pardon? This loan is for a museum, Norman.” “Oh no, Steve Continue reading →

Interview with John Heaton

The room they put me in is bare; four walls, two chairs and a single table. The walls are empty, uncovered cinder block. I’m seated in the chair facing the door so I see him as he enters. His face is chiseled, the skin pulled tight over his bones. His hair has gone uncut since the media coverage and now it sits slightly above his shoulders, hanging in greasy strands. He nods at me as he steps through the doorway and takes the seat across Continue reading →

Meal Time

A food court filled with freshmen, Racks of stainless steel pots and pans clang while piled high, Taller than a cold iron mountain. Mystery abounds: the lines grow and shrink at random. Are the cookies cooked today? Grabbing a warm, wet tray, I begin my journey. I glance at the sandwich bar full of white meats and orange cheeses; Shrieking girls frenzy over the green hummus and day old croissants. Chick peas smashed into a paste, how good could it taste? Hummus has its moments, Continue reading →

No Good Rotten Liver

My father was the first person to hand me and my brother a beer. We were only fourteen and fifteen when he did. He said to us, “Boys, I know you’re going to drink sometime. I ‘spose its better that I’m here to watch you so you don’t do nothing stupid.” On my 21st birthday both my father and brother went to the bars with me. It was my father who bought me my first legal shot. He handed it to me and said, “It’s Continue reading →

Character Sketch – Writer

He wore a watch. He always needed to know the time, even though he never had any particular place to be. If he for some reason had some place to go, he’s positive that he wouldn’t be late. Today, a glance at his watch made the fedora that rested lightly upon his head move from its habitual place. He reached his large, soft hands up and pushed it back into place with one of his long slender fingers. With his fedora in the proper place, Continue reading →

3rd Person Limited Narrative – Chair Shopping

She had wanted a new chair for some time. The chair that they had needed to be replaced; it was worn through in places and there were stains that would never come out. Plus, the old one didn’t fit with the new decor in the room and there wasn’t another other place in the house for the chair. Well, she had said to him that it didn’t fit in the new room. “What’s wrong the chair that we have already?” he thought to himself. It Continue reading →

The Death of Ones and Zeros

When I was in the third grade, Mrs. Hanson took our class to the library. We went every week and there was no reason why this time would be any different. But it was because out of all those trips I only remember the story we were read from that time. Mrs. Hanson read us a story that was written and illustrated by a girl that was only a few years older than us. It was part of a national competition and she was one Continue reading →

Coffee Voices

Diane was a widow. Her husband Luke had died young. He was in an accident while working a government position transporting files between local government offices. His truck was struck by a drunk driver at two o’clock in the afternoon. The drunk driver survived. Because Luke was working at the time of the accident, Diane was taken care of financially. She received Luke’s pension and enough money to sustain herself. At first she grieved heavily. She took a leave of absence from her job at Continue reading →