AT&T Supreme


Just to follow up on my previous post. We are no longer subscribing from Charter. Thanks to Carolyn we were informed of AT&T and decided it would be better. Comics are done through Friday, which is good because I move in that day. I am not sure how I feel about this week’s story, I […]

August 9, 2008

I hate Charter


At school, the only option for internet off campus is Charter. Here is the conversation I had with them when trying to setup an installation. Thank you for choosing Charter Chat Live! A Customer Care representative from Sales Support will be with you shortly. You have been connected to CVW Joey . dxxxxx zxxxxxx: Hello […]

August 4, 2008

How low can we go


I have a small request of you. Over to the *EDIT* right */EDIT* there are two small graphics. The second one I believe says rank on it. All I ask you to do is click through it once a day. I want to see how low (or is it high) on the list this site […]

August 1, 2008



Just a few quick things from me. First of all, if you sent or were considering sending an email requesting I be put in the paper, thank you. But I found out today that currently all the spots are filled and I will be notified if anything opens. Feel free to complain or send more […]

July 31, 2008

I like it fixed


My apologies, I have been busy. I first would like to start off with asking whoever is spamming my site non-stop to please cease. It creates a ton of extra work for me to have to go through and delete all of your self promotoing non-sense. Secondly, the reason I have been not updating the […]

July 27, 2008

Right makes might


The Once and Future King by T.H. White This book is a classic, telling a story that most have known all of their lives. The book is broken up into four smaller books, each representing a different stage in the story of King Arthur and Lancelot. The first of the four books is┬áThe Sword in […]

July 8, 2008

RSS v2.0


Just a little update. I have had some free time these past few days and I have spent it working on the website. I have just finished the RSS v2.0 for the site. It now displays both new blogs and comics. I am sure there are still a few bugs to work out, like getting […]

June 28, 2008

More news


Alright, you guys owe me a bit. I just made a bunch of changes to the site that should benefit you. I fixed what was wrong with the comments, apparently the server changed a field type on me and it screwed it all up. It all seems to work fine except in Opera where it […]

June 28, 2008

Its why we’re here


My mother always told me not to write anything online when I am angry. I responded, ‘But mother, then what is the internet for?’ Needless to say, I might not be in a good mood. We’ll start with one that everyone can relate to and then those who can’t or do not want to relate […]

June 19, 2008

Mr. Hurd, say no more


Finished another book, thought I would review it quickly in order to sway you. A SpineHolder’s Manual by Neil Hurd It is an interesting story as to how I came about this book. It was an early night at work this past semester and I was walking home in the rain. As I walked up […]

June 11, 2008