Doodling the life away


I just wrote that I am doodling away my summer. Now, while that is far from the truth because I am doing far more than doodling this summer, it wold be great if it was true. Much less stress if I could draw, maybe sleep and eat. It is currently two weeks into my summer […]

June 1, 2008

Le fabuleux destin


I think today might have made me the happiest I have ever felt, in relation to my comics. I only overheard something about them and that was all I needed. On a different note, why couldn’t Amelie do things directly? Why did everything have to be so creatively roundabout? Granted the movie wouldn’t have been […]

May 27, 2008

Rest in peace


Goodbye freedom that is summer break. We had a good run, but now it is time that I give you up. Its odd to think that that previous statement is more or less true, partially because I am only a single week in to my summer vacation. But, sadly, it is true. Tuesday I return […]

May 25, 2008

School has been blown to pieces


Exams are done. School is out. I am moved back to the parents house for the summer. Should be napping and relaxing and reading, but I may be more busy than while I was still at school. I suppose now I need to start thinking about my plans for the summer and trying to work […]

May 19, 2008

Departure, delayed


I just moved back home for the summer yesterday. Still working on unpacking. I know I haven’t written much lately and it goes against one of my previous┬áposts. When I get a chance, hopefully tonight, I will be back with a bigger update. If not, feel free to load my inbox and the comments with […]

May 18, 2008

I’ve just seen a face


Do you ever feel like you met someone too late? Someone you have known for a while, but never gotten around to talking to and getting to know until the moment that it may matter no more? I have. I think I am going to make it matter, you never know the kind of person […]

May 11, 2008

Comics in book form


Time to write the weekend post. I know it is early, do not hate me. I will not be around this weekend, so I must get it out of the way now, while I sit at work. Finals are almost upon me, I wonder if it would be a better idea to write and ink […]

May 2, 2008

A little Marvel and DC


I should be sleeping. I did something today that I have been meaning to do for a long time. I went out and bought comic books. Comic books in the sense of a graphic novel (I have owned Calvin and Hobbes comic books and Foxtrot and the like). It feels weird. I made sure I […]

April 30, 2008

Pitcher has a big butt


With the past week or two I finally modified my comment script to ignore all of the comments with no text. This made it so I have far less to delete all the time. But now I just get random gibberish comments, as though a baby was walking on the keyboard. I am tempted to […]

April 27, 2008



I believe I forgot to add post this weekend in the middle of the night. I was busy. I am sorry. It was an enjoyable weekend, so it makes up for the fact, right? I am glad the weather is back to being habitable. I am not a cold weather person. I will take hot […]

April 23, 2008