Musings on an English Degree

Author: Danny Zawacki

Making the move

Just thought I would let you know that the comics are now being updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have multiple reasons for making the change. First, with updating only twice a week I had a buffer of four weeks. Second, this relates to the first, I like to be able to relate my […]

Change we can believe in

I saw Senator Obama speak last night, it was moving. He talks of great change, not coming solely from him but from the people. He knows that things do not happen over night, but he knows that anything is possible in time. He emphasizes his own past when he speaks. How he started with nothing […]

My bad, changes to come

First off, I want to apologize for the comic not being updated like it should have. It should update automatically at midnight eastern time. But there was a little problem with my code that didn’t add the comics for me. It has been fixed and it shouldn’t happen again. Secondly, I want everyone to know […]

Oh yeah

I apologize, I am working on cleaning up some code which I could do on my local environment but at the same time I am trying to make sure that my hosted site works well with any strain I put it under. Hope that makes sense. So now that I finished the homework I am […]

So that last one didn’t work

The last post didn’t have the formatting that I wanted. This one is pretty much saying nothing. Just here to test some stuff. Wish me luck.

Testing blogging stuff

Hey dont mind me. I am just trying to improve my blogging software. Hope this works the way I want it to. The option to comment on posts are coming soon.

Spanning coast to coast

I was just checking over the statistics of the site and I see that we have had visitors from each coast, which is great. Do me a little favor and tell your friends about this site and we can see where that takes us. As of right now, I have the comic updating twice a […]

Up and running

So after I posted the last entry I think everything is running enough to call my project a success. I am going to keep adding features and making the site better. If you have any suggestions for what you wish to see here, send an email to the webmaster.

Testing Blogging Software

Just testing to see that my bloggin software works. More to come once I get all the kinks worked out.

Whitewater High School

Homeroom Teacher: Mrs. Cresswell (2002-2006) Extracurricular Activities: Model UN, National Honors Society, Strategy & Tactics Club, Drama Club, The Voice, Soccer, Track Graduated 6th of 160 [google-map-sc]