Blog / Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Yesterday I logged over 17,000 steps. Last week, I logged over 95,000 steps. I’m addicted to my Fitbit.

About two years ago I got some extra.cash and decided to spurge and buy my self a Fitbit Surge. At the time, and still now I believe, it’s was their high-end tracker. I got it be wise it does everything my phone could do for fitness tracking except play music. It was pricy but worth it.

I quickly found I didn’t walk as much as I thought I did. I wasn’t nearly as active as recommended. I walked a lot, but I knew I could walk more. The baseline Fitbit sets is 10,000 steps a day. I struggled to come close to that. So I quickly changed my ways. I made excuses to walk. Ellie and I started to regularly go for walks after work. The steps started rolling in. 

Now, two years later, I set my baseline at 12,000 per day and always shoot for more. Something about the device has.me in a constant competitive mode with my friends and with myself.

And I’m exhausted.

Part of me is looking forward to moving because I’ll be switching from walking when I wake up and then biking 2.5 miles to work to just biking 6 miles to work every day. I think the decreased activity will really reduce the stress, wear, and tear on my legs. It will be a welcome break.

Let’s see how long it will last.

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