On Time

Blog / Monday, February 6th, 2017

I do my best to be on time when I go places. If someone tells me when I need to be at a place, I like to be there a few minutes early. I’d prefer to wait for them than have them wait for me, just how it goes.

Leaving g for work, however, has always been a different matter. I usually start out leaving early or on time when I get a job but as time goes on slowly start leaving later and later. I lose the pep that keeps me wanting to be there early.

I know I complain about the buses being late a lot but those buses are 99% of the time the bus ride home. It’s usually me who’s running late in the morning. And I do just that, I run to the bus. I never know what I’ll do if I miss the bus, because it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m always afraid it will. Right now I can easily walk to work in a half hour but once we move, I’ll lose that option. Fortunately, I plan on biking to work every day, regardless of time of year or the weather.

I’m sure you’ll hear about it if I’m late.

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