Changing Diet

Blog / Friday, February 3rd, 2017

In the past six months, my diet has been overhauled for the finally eating the way I have always wanted to eat, but usually made the excuse that it was too expensive to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat tasty and crappy foods, I just consider the food I eat to be healthier now.

It started last summer when my coworker encouraged me and another co-worker to sign up for a CSA. We had a whole summer if fresh, organic vegetables. There were a lot of things I wasn’t used to cooking with, which was a great learning experience. Ellie and I ate a lot of stir fry as well, because we figured it was the easiest way to clean out the fridge before the next big shipment of vegetables.

More recently, Ellie started working for the local co-op as the webmaster and social media liaison. With that comes an employee discount on all items at the co-op. I previously had written off the co-op because you needed to have deeper pockets to afford most of the stuff there. Woodman’s, a local grocery store, carries most things for cheaper than anywhere else in town so it just made sense to shop there. But with Ellie’s discount, we can do comparable shopping at the co-op and spend a comparable amount on groceries. Plus, we are getting the better quality because the co-op errs on the side of organic. So in addition to veggies, all parts of our diet are improving.

Last night, I bought peanut butter that was ground into a container I was holding. The only thing in it, peanuts. I love me some peanut butter, and this stuff tops the charts in terms of tastiness. All because Ellie and I have been improving our diet by taking advantage of the opportunities around us.

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  1. Yesss to on the spot grinding of peanut butter! Before Whole Foods was Whole Foods (used to be called Bread & Circus and it wasn’t nearly as expensive) my mom and I would get all our peanut butter from the machine there where you just grind your peanuts yourself into a container. I remember always loving that it was warm after it came out of the machine.

    Do they sell Teddie brand peanut butter anywhere in Madison? It’s made here in Boston– nothing but peanuts, except maybe a pinch of salt (though they do sell unsalted too.) It’s all I buy!

    1. I haven’t seen Teddy brand, but prior to grinding on the spot, I ate Peter pan peanut butter, so I’m generally not too picky nor am I in the market for different peanut butters. I tend to find one brand I like and stick with it, regardless of there being better options.

  2. Yeah I remember that Peter Pan was your number one. Well, if for some reason you get hardcore into “healthier” peanut butter without anything added and you decide to branch out at all, Teddie is the

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