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Jumping to Conclusions

Some of the poeple I work with are quick to jump to conclusions about what people are saying, usually these conclusions put them on the defensive. I’m not entirely sure why they do it, but my assumption is that most of the time they do not let people finish their thoughts before they have decided what that person has said. Often, they cut off the person to defend themselves, needlessly. As a person who tries to calmly and slowly explain things so people do not Continue reading →


I didn’t sleep yesterday and I slept no.kore than half the night today. I’m not entirely sure what has been keeping me up, but it would be nice if it stopped. We bought some goji energy bites from the co-op on Sunday after Star Wars and each had one. We are them in the evening and my best guess is that these kept me awake that night. I didn’t do that yesterday, I ate one in the morning, but I was still up most of Continue reading →

I am one with the Force. The Force is one with me.

We finally saw Rogue One yesterday, and it exceeded expectations. So much of what I had read about it seemed to make it out as a mediocre story but it was a solid prequel to A New Hope. I feel like I have grown up with Star Wars, at least since I was nine when I binge watched the original three in a day or two. Ever since then, I’ve been excited for new releases. I get a buddy feeling when I’m sitting in a Continue reading →

Design by Committee

Yesterday I got stuck at work and then the late bus de used to not let people on at my stop, so I walked home. I was stuck at work because of something I call design by committee. I scrambled to put together a year in review page yesterday because I was given the content for it after business hours two days ago. We are planning to send it out today. For what it’s worth, I did a decent job in the time I had. Continue reading →


I thought no everyone has some weird hobby they find fascinating and it’s entirely unique to their social sphere. One friend of mine grows worms in his garage. Another is fixing up an old truck. Me, I really like finding old radios, preferably the real tall wooden cabinet kinds, and fixing them up so they play music from a phone. I made one a few years ago for Ellie as her Christmas present. We use it fairly often, mostly when we are cleaning the apartment Continue reading →


So today, I got a raise. It’s a small raise, in my opinion, but it is still a raise nonetheless. I’m now at the same salary I was when I left my last job. It took me just over two years at that job to reach this salary and it took me just under two to get it at this job. Both started at the same amount. Additionally, my bonus structure is not reliant on salespeople meeting their goals, like it was last year, but Continue reading →

Comfortable temperatures

What do you consider to be a comfortable temperatures in the winter? For me, it’s somewhere over 72°.  At home, we keep the temperature around 68 while we are there, but we make up for it by hiding under a pile of blankets. It’s rather comfortable sitting and watching TV that way. Alternatively, I’ll find a reason to bake. Having the oven on heats up our small apartment. Plus, something tasty comes out of it. At work, where I do not have the luxury of Continue reading →

Long Weekends

Long weekends are both great and not great. It’s great when they’re happening, but they suck when I come back to work. I took last Friday off for Ellie’s birthday and yesterday was off for the holiday. We did souch in four days, but unfortunately, my inbox filled up while I was gone. The day after a long weekend is spent catching up on work while more stuff comes in. It’s really an anxiety inducing day. I hate those days so much, I avoid taking Continue reading →


This year, I want to hold on to things less. That is my resolution. I have a tendency to be a pack rat. I have emotional attachment to a lot of things. I told Ellie the other day, I cannot get rid of one of my costs ever because it is my Peace Corps coat and it just means a lot to have it. Of course I said this the same day she got rid of two of her own coats, so I probably sounded Continue reading →