Jumping to Conclusions

Blog / Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

For anyone who has seen Office Space, the thought of jumping to conclusions bings to mind the scene where one of the worst product ideas is featured on the silver screen. It’s funny, because the product is so terribly thought out. Like, seriously you cannot put all possibly solutions on a mat and you can’t possibly hope you’ll get a random solution because people will know where they are jumping to. It’s just flawed from the start.

Personally, though, I take that flawed from the start mindset when I jump to conclusions. I still do it, but I know it’s likely to fail.

Take for example my and Ellie’s recent foray into home searching. We have yet to hit the point where everything is set in stone. A wrench can be thrown into the plan at any moment, and all the hopes and dreams she or I had in that house get thrown out the window. Personally, I jump to the conclusion that we are going to get a house when we only put an offer in on one. My mind jumps to fixing it up, living in it, growing old in it. Every possibly good thing that can happen in that house is imagined and then immediately accepted as canon. I really shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

What is more likely to happen than everything working out is that the offer is rejected or if accepted then they negotiate for more than you offer. You settle on one price and then it’s up to the inspection. Rarely all is fine and dandy. And you think, I can deal with this, or at least the handful of things they won’t fix. It’s closer to a small handful of the things they’ll actually do. After that, there’s the negotiations on credits and fixes and it can go any which way, driving a man insane. The same man who daydreamed about what happens ten years down the line in said house.

If you’re not aware, I’m somewhere in that process right now and it feels like all my hopes and dreams are on the brink of being shattered because of something out of my control.

I’ll keep you updated.

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