Blog / Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Today my agenda consists of two major things and both are the result of people not doing things they way they should have.

The first is a lunch meeting with my boss and mentor. We are going to rework the development schedule for the year because my boss had us set the schedule and then asked the board what we should do. Since the board didn’t like that we would be still losing money this year, they said go make cuts. Focus on what makes money instead of trying to find new ways to make money. When we sat down to plan for the year, that was the idea I had in mind, I guess I didn’t share it. But boss made the ultimate decisions, it’s on her.

The second big chunk of my day will be spent putting together a landing page. This landing page was supposed to be live two weeks ago, but I didn’t get the materials for it until this past Friday. Since. The last to act on this, I’m sure it will look like I did something wrong and am the cause of it being so late. I’m not. 

The person who was supposed to get materials to me was the one who set deadlines for himself and then skipped them. Another co-worker of mine even had a lot of the work ready in December. He just blew it off because he is terrible at managing his own time and getting things done, which affects everyone else’s schedule. Yet somehow, he walked out of our all staff meeting with a promotion to Director of some shit.

What a load of bull.

So today is going to be spent cleaning up messes from people who think they are important.

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